Confessions Of A Self Harmer

Always here for you.   Submit if you wish.   A safe place for self harmers to come for some to talk to , and share a story or confession under anon.


Everyone PLEASE. reblog this , it won’t cost you anything and it will change peoples lives. I know it’s long but it’s worth watching.

This needs to spread.

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Yeah so.

I’m not 13 , I know what self harm is , I’ve been into hospital for it alot of times.

Been cutting for eight years making myself sick for almost ten years.

I’m not a therapist or something I was just trying to be here for people but you know some anon’s still feel the need to try and pick at it , if you don’t like me why follow me?.

You don’t really know anything about me so just grow up , I’m not here to sort out your problems , just to give you someone to talk to about stuff , I  say to people who I’m talking to you really need to see a trained therapist or someone who is qualified to help you , If you don’t like what i post / say Don’t follow me but don’t leave anon stuff like that it’s pathetic .

I’m not qualified to give advice, I never said i was , I’m not a freakin therapist just trying to be here for people who need someone to talk about , Advice is not my intention , letting people know they aren’t alone and somebody is here. 

One person who says I have made them feel better is worth more to me that a hundred anons I don’t care what you say to me.

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